1 user

Multi job board ads £49

Maximum 1 vacancy

Not included

2 users

Multi job board ads £49

Unlimited vacancies

Jobseeker sourcing service

 8 users

Multi job board ads £49

Unlimited vacancies

Jobseeker sourcing service



How do I upgrade?

After joining for free, go to your profile page under the "my account" tab at the top right and select an upgrade plan from there.


What job boards does Zorce use and how long is the job advertised for?

The employer can advertise for 28 days on multiple job boards such Monster, Total Jobs, CWjobs, Fish4Jobs and Jobsite, Indeed and Zorce for just £49. The employer selects the sector the vacancy is in and Zorce will then automatically advertise the role on the 3 most relevant job boards to that particular vacancy. We will be adding new job boards in due course.


What is the Jobseeker sourcing service?

The Zorce team will undertake a jobseeker search on our job board partners online databases, based on the vacancy criteria uploaded by the employer. They will then forward accurately matched, but not qualified, jobseekers to the employer.


What's the difference between the 3 plans?

The Value option only allows 1 vacancy per month to be advertised and just 1 user. With Business, employers can upload unlimited vacancies and have 2 users. Enterprise offers unlimited vacancies and up to 8 users.


Can I switch plans?

Yes you can switch plans or revert back to the free plan at the end of each month. Just go to you profile and change the plan there. If you don't need the free plan either, then just email cancel@zorce.co.uk.


Can I change my plan mid month?

Yes, we will just calculate difference and ask you to pay that amount . Unfortunately you will not be able to downgrade your plan.


Is there a minimum contract?

No, it's on a month-by-month basis. You will get an alert 3 days before the month expires asking you if you would like to continue. If we here nothing from you before the last day then it will automatically renew for another month.


Will I receive an invoice?

Yes, at the end of each month of your subscription we will email you an invoice for your records.


How can I pay my monthly subscription?

Zorce uses PayPal and goCardless.  This means we can take credit cards, PayPal accounts, BACs transfers, standing orders, direct debit and one off payments.


How do I pay for uploading jobs on to the paid job boards?

After you have uploaded a vacancy the system will ask you if you want to upload the vacancy onto the paid job boards. If you select "yes" then a PayPal link will show.


How do I pay for Marketplace?

After you have uploaded a vacancy the system will also ask you if you want to offer a referral fee of 2.5% of the hired jobseekers basic salary to anyone who recommends the successful jobseeker. If you tick "yes" you still have nothing to pay. If the hired jobseeker has been recommended then Zorce will invoice on day the jobseekers starts and payment is required within 3 working days. If the jobseeker leaves within those 3 days, no payment is required. Zorce forwards 70% of this fee to the person who recommended (we call them Zorcers).


How do I pay £5 per day per contractor?

After the contractor has completed 4 weeks work and uploads his/her signed time-sheet, we will invoice the amount plus £5 per day. As soon as you have paid this invoice, we will immediately pay that contractors invoice to him or her.