The clever new free way...

for employers and jobseekers to connect - launching 23rd Feb 2015

It's your own recruiting team,

in the cloud, that does the searching, matching & arranging for you.

Still need recruiters? Check out Marketplace .

Pay 2.5% on hire not 15%+. Stop paying an agencies overheads.

The unique matching algorithm filters,

and the recruiting lifecycle software will do the rest.

Reinventing how employers and jobseekers connect.

Zorce is like an online dating site just for jobseekers and employers. The technology automates all searching, applying, advertising, matching, filtering, rejecting and interview arranging; helping to reduce hiring times by over 90%. Employers hire for free or for very low-cost while jobseekers get hired quickly and never lose out on their dream job because of high fees. For harder to fill vacancies employers can use "Markeplace" and pay just 2.5% of salary on hire. Why pay an agencies an overheads when employers can use Zorces growing community of online recruiters who earn 80% of the fee and it's risk-free because Zorce acts as the broker.

Step 1: Upload profile & requirements. Get
matched accurately & alerted immediately

Step 2: View each others profiles & release
 full profile, then arrange interviews online.

Step 3: Hire or get hired quickly. Saving £K's
in hiring costs & making everything simple.


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 Zorce automates the full recruiting lifecycle, making hiring easier, quicker and cheaper

  It connects employers with matched jobseekers directly, saving thousands in fees  

To start controlling your own free virtual recruiting team, just click on an icon 



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A new way to recruit. Upload jobs, decide match accuracy, "like" profiles, view CV's, meet, reject, offer, hire 

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Let Zorce do the vacancy searching, matching, alerting & arranging, so you're hired cheaply, quickly & easily 

Marketplace >

The referral platform where remote recruiters can earn commission & employers pay just 2.5% in placement fees 

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